Forex Indicators and the Rise and Fall of Forex Robots

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet Forex Robots are worthless.  If you’ve dabbled with Forex Robots by now you probably have lost your money several to countless times and wonder why everytime you use that latest and greatest forex robot you experience the first even 75% drawdown this alleged holy grail system has seen.

Forex indicator based trading is by far and away superior including MT4 Indicators.  You can’t assume that making a living part time or full time in forex trading is going to be as easy as installing a $50 piece of software right?

Why we are instead such big fans of forex indicator based trading is the simple fact that you are doing several things by using forex indicators.  You are empowering yourself to take control of your trading.  Sure, I realize it’s not as luxurious as turning on a forex robot and letting it trade its way to riches for you.  But, since you now know that’s a pointless joke (you do right?) you can now get serious about your trading. focuses primarily on indicator based trading.  This is where your forex indicators (or futures, or stocks) can provide perhaps 90% of the guidance mechanically and then you use your experience and what you’ve learned about trading to supply the other 10% or the real art and instinct that all successful traders possess.

Check out our main page, whether you have Tradestation, MetaTrader or NinjaTrader we have forex indicators available now to start helping guide your trading decisions.  And, give you back the control as you witness the fall of the forex robots all around you.

Forex Robots Flored

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