Learn Futures Trading

I get asked quite frequently what’s the best place to Learn Futures Trading or how about even Learning Forex Trading?

A suggestion I have is to consider the folks at Premier Trader University.  I’ve known them for a while and they’ve put together a complete curriculum that basically takes you from the trading pre-requisites, to becoming an Undergraduate and finally you pick your Major whether that’s Stock & Options, Futures or Forex.  Or you can of course double Major or even triple Major rather than specializing.

I know they have a nice free educational trading education webinar series.  You can check out the Trading Webinars at this link.

Or, they also hold weekly Trading Google Hangouts – you can come every Friday and hear the folks at the Premier Trader University talk about trading and they give you quite a bit of free trading advice as well.  Certainly worth taking advantage if nothing else the free educational trading webinars, and the free Google Hangout.

This is particularly of interest if you see indicators like we have here at ProIndicators but really don’t know how to go from quality indicators to a true fully developed trading system.  Check out the resources above.

Learn Forex Trading

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