Tradestation Indicator Identifies Key Market Reversals

As you might be aware, one of the best trades you can take is as early as possible during the reversal of a market.

That market could be daytrading the S&P e-Mini Futures, or day trading the EURUSD forex.  Maybe it’s pinpointing a key reversal for Apple Computer (speaking of which, we’re just coming off one of the largest reversals to the downside in years)

The Trend Reversal Indicator for Tradestation (and also now for NinjaTrader as well!) seeks to do just that.  Identify those possible key market reversals and early.  The great thing about this type of trading is your risk can be very low.  Usually just a few ticks below the clear-cut reversal pivot you’ll see on the chart.  And, the rewards can be substantial.  You can trail the moves the whole way up (or down) and many times have reward risk ratios of 2 to 1 and up.  I’ve seen trades that earned 10x what they risked, and quick.

See the markets in a while new way and catch the reversals early – learn more here at our Trend Reversal Tradestation Indicator page or our Trend Reversal NinjaTrader Indicator page

Tradestation Indicator Trend Reversal

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