Tradestation System Trading

Tradestation System trading has proven to be quite popular.  What’s the appeal?

With a tradestation system strategy add-on you can do a variety of things from backtesting, optimizing your inputs to actually turning on automatic execution. has developed several of our best indicator systems into Tradestation Systems.

The way you can tell which of our Indicators is available as a Tradestation Strategy is look for this image:

Tradestation System Addon Strategy

And your chart will look like this once installed:

Tradestation System Add-on

Once you add that you’ll be able to get a system that will be able to back-test prior results weeks or even months.  Plus you can optimize those inputs.  Be careful of over-opimizing, never a good idea but there’s no question – market don’t all behave the same.  Some fine tuning if you’re going to trade the EURUSD, or Crude Oil Futures, or the S&P e-Mini should be done — behavior isn’t identical but price action is still price action.

And, you can even have the strategy add-ons help you manage a trade, move stops or even take an entry.  Make sure you are careful about whether you’re willing to accept market orders, possible slippage, the possibilities of not getting executed, etc…

ProIndicators gives you a great way to both combine powerful and easy to use indicators and a Tradestation System add-on opportunity as well.


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